Maytronics Dolphin Repair Specialist, Burlington, NC

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We can repair your Maytronics Dolphin equipment.

For over two decades, Maytronics Dolphin equipment has helped pool owners maintain their pools with their highly effective robotic cleaning equipment. If you rely on your Maytronics Dolphin pool equipment to maintain your pool, you know firsthand just how well this equipment performs, allowing you to enjoy your pool with more convenience and less hassle.

But there may come a day when this equipment stops working or starts to malfunction. If this ever happens to you, rely on a Maytronics Dolphin repair specialist who can help you restore your equipment, so you don’t have trouble maintaining your pool.

At Crystal Clear Pool & Spas, we are a Maytronics Dolphin repair specialist in the Burlington, North Carolina area. No matter what type of Maytronics Dolphin equipment you have, we can fix it. We will respond quickly to your repair request and implement effective solutions that restore your equipment’s functionality.

We are an exclusive repair specialist for this brand of cleaners, and we have extensive experience working specifically with this brand of equipment. Feel confident when you hire us knowing that not only will we be able to fix your pool pump or cleaner, but we will do it while providing superior customer service.

We do diagnostic testing of the power supply, the cords, and the internal motors. We repair all three major components in house. We also perform maintain replacements like tracks, wheels, impellers, wall climb rings and more.

We are the Maytronics Dolphin repair specialists you can rely on to provide effective, timely, and reliable solutions. Contact us today to set up a repair appointment or to learn more about the different types of Maytronics equipment we can work on and sale.