Pool Winterization

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Winterization Process  (How to Winterize Your Pool)

1.  Balance all pool chemicals, such as chlorine, pH, alkalinity, calcium, and stabilizer.
2.  Drop water level to just below the skimmer (if your pump and filter are located below water level, then you have to place plugs into your jets)
3.  Drain the filter, chlorinator, and pump by removing the drain plug. Make sure the pool filter’s multiport valve on the top is placed on “closed” or “winterized.”
4.  Spray pump protector into the drain pump on the pump (the plug closest to the motor on the pump).
5.  Place cover on the pool
6.  Place all the drain plugs in the pump basket over winter to ensure you don’t lose anything throughout the winter.
7.  Leave the pool covered and shut off the breaker to the pool system. Shut off any timers to the pool.
8.  If you plan on having your pool open all winter, make sure you are running the pump at night and anytime the temperature is below freezing to avoid busting your pipes or pump.