The following are some of the most frequently asked questions when planning a new pool.

What is covered in an pool installation?

We provide Turn-Key Installations, meaning that all aspects of the construction process are handled by Crystal Clear Pools. You don’t have to deal with any Sub-Contractors. When we finish the job, you have the pool with all the support equipment, the water treatment in place and a complete maintenance kit ready for you to enjoy. Just jump in and have fun.

How much will it cost to maintain?

The average maintenance cost for the pool will be
less than $ 500.00 annually, excluding electricity.

Do I need a building permit?

Yes, but Crystal Clear Pools will take care of it and it is included in the price of the pool.

How long does it take to install?

Approximately 2 weeks, unless mother nature intervenes.

Can you design the pool for me?

Yes. We will consider your ideas, discuss the feasibilities of it and assist you in every step of the way to get your dream pool.

Are you a licensed contractor in North Carolina.?

Yes, we have our North Carolina General Contractors license.

How long will the liner last?

10 to 15 years.

How difficult is it to maintain the pool after it is installed?

It is very easy. We install automatic cleaner and chlorinator devices, and provide you with a maintenance tools package, all of it included in the price of the pool. Once we turn the finished pool over to you, all you need is jump in and enjoy.

Can I have a diving board with my pool?

Yes. The pool must be at least 16 x 32 Ft and have a depth of 8 Ft available for the diving board to be installed. We comply with the ANSI/NSPI-5 2003 Standard. (American National Standard for Residential In-ground Swimming Pools)

Is it safe to have lights in the pool?

Yes, we use sealed 12 Volt lights for under water applications in compliance with NEMA and local code regulations.

Do I need a separate building for the pump etc.?

No. All the support equipment components are designed for outdoor use.

Do I need to purchase anything to complete my pool that is not included in the price?

No. You are ready to enjoy your pool after Crystal Clear Pool has finished the job.

Can an enclosure be put around the pool?

Yes. Many types are available and we are ready to assist you in choosing the most applicable for your needs.

How often do I have to drain the pool and change the water?

Never. Only if it becomes necessary to replace the liner.

How often do I need to clean the filter?

A backwash is suggested at a minimum of once every two weeks. The sand in the filter should be changed every six years, provided you have been on a chlorine system.

Can I put decking around the pool instead of slabs?


Do I need to drain the water for winter?