Planning your Pool


Crystal Clear Pools has 30+ years experience in swimming pool construction. This know-how is at your disposal to get the pool that’s right for you.


Crystal Clear Pools will be with you during all stages of the project, from the planning phase to completion. Our capable staff will take care of all the construction aspects and deliver the  finished pool.


Considerations before building a pool.
Be prepared to take a realistic approach in planning your pool.

      Access to site.

        Is it possible to get construction equipment to the site
        to facilitate the removal of soil, do the grading and
        required concrete work?

     Orientation of the pool.

        Where is the best location to place the pool in relation
        to the buildings, walls, and adjoining neighbor’s property?
        Factors like shade, wind and the overall view of the pool
        from the house should be considered.

     Size and Depth of the pool.

        How big a pool do you want and what style and depth
        is required?

     Ground conditions.

        What type soil, clay, sandy soil, rocks, has to be excavated
        and how can the material be disposed of? Is there an issue
        with a high water table?

     Positioning of steps/bays, lights and flow control.

        What are the extras you want with your pool and where
        should they be located?

    Usage of pool.

       Will the pool be used for fun, hydrotherapy, exercise,
       diving, public use, etc?

    Services available to site.

       Should heating the pool be a requirement, is there access
       to electricity, water, gas, oil, etc?


Crystal Clear Pools will work with you to answer these and any
other questions you might have, before a proposal to build the
most suitable pool for your location is rendered.


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